Nutrition Coaching

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Nutritional coaching

We all know the major part of results is dependent on getting nutrition right. Yet there is an overload of contradictory information available. To add to the confusion we are typically taught to restrict calories, often leaving us hungry or craving sugar. The long term effect on metabolism may lead to more weight issues than before you started.

It really doesn’t have to be this hard!  

Applying the latest research on nutrition for fat loss, muscle growth and health, I will work closely with you to prescribe a nutritional plan according to your goals, lifestyle, preferences and understanding of nutrition. My goal is to not only get you the results you desire but also teach you the fundamental principles of nutrition so that you can implement a flexible approach to your diet that allows for both progress and sustainability.

No meal replacement shakes or diet pills, no starvation diets!

1:1 personalised transformational coaching

i know what it takes

At my biggest, I weighed in at over 155kg. I was obese, depressed, and in denial that anything “BAD” was going to happen. 

I was diagnosed with diabetes in my early 20s and like anyone of that age thought I knew better and that I was invincible. But little did I know that something bad was about to happen. With my weight and diabetes, I ended up in hospital moments away from death. To the point that I said goodbye and sorry to my wife. When I was released from the hospital that was it. That was the point that everything changed. To this day I have lost over 60kg and still going. 

So don’t wait for something to happen. Take action and turn it around today. What are you waiting for?

personalised nutritional coaching

Initial Consultation with weekly or fortnightly reviews to keep you on track and reaching your goals. 

When you start working with me, we invest our first session planning your dietary needs. Yes, your own custom diet and workout plan! We take into account your body type, lean mass, body scan results, energy expenditure and more, to then decode and design your unique nutritional approach.

What Is Included:

Nutrition coaching

As a Nutritionist, I can review your diet, identify areas for improvement and help you implement change to develop healthy, sustainable habits that get results.

Tracking & results

Tracking your training, food and measurements in the Arkham Fitness Training App, means I can monitor your progress and provide regular feedback and support.

Face-to-face & online coaching options

The online coaching option means no matter where you live we can work together 1-on-1 to optimise your training and nutrition and reach your goals.

Training program

You will get a personalised training program suited to your experience and goals, including workouts with exercise videos to follow via the Arkham Fitness Training App.

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