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I am not your cookie cutter PT, I have walked along the same road, I have fought the challenges and learnt how to change habits to turn my life around.

After years of obesity from my school years I was always the short “fat” kid, this was a torment that was used throughout my school years. In my early 20’s I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. This meant changes had to be made. But they were not enough. I reached my peak weight of 155kg and I wasn’t healthy or happy. This all came to a head in 2016 when I almost died on Christmas Eve from a perfect storm of heat stress, dehydration and diabetes. I was admitted to hospital where I was told, that if I hadn’t been woken up by a relative at that time it would have only taken a couple more minutes & that would have been it. I wouldn’t have woken up.

The one thing I remember from the day I was admitted to hospital was, telling my wife that I’m sorry that Christmas will be sad for you because it will be the day I left you. This took a massive toll on me physically and mentally. It took 4 months for my body to get back to where it was, strength and energy had disappeared, and fatigue had now become my right-hand man. Depression and anxiety had taken their grip on my life and enough was enough. This was not how I wanted to live.

Fast forward 4 years and a lot of ups and down, my life has taken a complete turnaround. I now weigh in at 90kg (which is actually less than what I weighed in the middle years of high school), left an almost 20-year career in sales and have gained my Certificate III & IV in Fitness as well as other qualifications. My diabetes results have been rock solid for the past 3 years and my mental state is better than it has ever been. This turnaround all started with an introduction to a PT who I am lucky to now call a friend. She showed me that exercise would help me on every level, Mind, Body and spirit.

Now it is time to give other people the Strength, Confidence and Quality of Life that I have gained. That is why I have founded Arkham Fitness. I will take a personalised full body approach to reaching your goals. Nothing is impossible and YOU have the power to bring these changes into your life.


  • Certificate III in Fitness (PTA Australia)
  • Certificate IV in Fitness (PTA Australia)
  • Strength  System International Certification – Level 1 (Sebastian Oreb)
  • Strength  System International Certification – Level 2 (Sebastian Oreb)
  • Fat Loss Fundamentals (Clean Health Fitness Institute)
  • Fully endorsed Wellness Coach (PH360)
  • Certified TRX Instructor (TRX Training & PTA Australia)
  • Pre & Postnatal accredited (Mishfit)
  • Strong Women – Training the Female Body (Naomi Ferstera)

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